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IHI Inc. Procurement conducts sourcing from suppliers in the Americas region on behalf of many of the divisions and companies of the IHI Group both within and outside of the Americas. As IHI Group continues its growth of business within the Americas region, Procurement’s role in developing stronger vendor relations and increasing our regional supply-chain partnerships has become a top priority among IHI corporate strategy. We are seeking transparent dialogue with vendors in order to promote fair transactions based strictly from the view point of cost, quality, delivery, and a vendor’s commitment to being a long-term IHI partner. In order to facilitate this strategy, we welcome inquiries from suppliers within the Americas as we continue to expand our network of suppliers. We look forward to hearing from you!

IHI INC. Procurement Division
Tel: 212-599-8135/8136/8137


Become an IHI Supplier

IHI Group executes its procurement activities in accordance with the following procurement policy. We are looking forward to working together as a long-term relationship.

1. Basic Procurement Policy

IHI Group carries out procurement activities based on the guidelines set out in our Basic Code of Conduct.

1-1. Fair and Impartial Procurement

We provide business opportunities in an open manner to business partners from around the world, and welcome working with creative and competitive business partners. We also evaluate and select business partners in a comprehensive and fair manner based on factors such as quality, price, delivery schedule, technology and financial conditions.

1-2. Mutually Beneficial Partnership with our Business Partners

We regard our business partners as value creators, and through seeking to realize optimal levels for quality, price and delivery, together with procurement reliability, we aim to establish relationships of trust with our business partners and bring about the mutual enhancement of competitiveness and prosperity with them.

1-3. Approach to Compliance and Social Needs

We comply with the related laws that govern our local and global businesses. In addition, we promote procurement activities that prioritize factors such as environment, human rights, labor conditions, occupational safety and health, and information management.

2. Request to Our Business Partners

IHI Group works on the following values to promote our business activities. We ask for the co-operation and understanding of our business partners with regard to the promotion of these values.

2-1. Compliance

We ask our business partners to comply with related laws, regulations and social norms governing their local and global businesses through fulfillment of the following actions.

  • To ensure full compliance with related laws and regulations (e.g. commercial codes, competition laws, subcontractor regulations, foreign exchange laws, personal privacy laws, intellectual property laws and environmental laws) of the countries and/or regions in which they operate.
  • To prohibit favoritism (any illegal or non-contractual favoritism or dealings with anti-social forces such as organized crime).
  • To prevent the inappropriate possession, use or disclosure of confidential information.
2-2. To Pay Attention to Human Rights, Labor Conditions, and Occupational Safety and Health

We ask our business partners to respect the human rights of their employees and to assure their labor conditions, and occupational safety and health.

2-3. To Ensure Optimal Quality, Cost and Delivery Conditions

We ask our business partners to establish production and crisis management systems capable of securing reliability in providing high-quality, safe materials and services that meet our requirements in a timely manner.

2-4. Enhancement of Competitiveness

Through sharing of issues and goals with us in order to raise our competitiveness, we ask our business partners to provide us with information on appropriate materials, technologies, methods and more, and to proactively make proposals related to Value Engineering (VE) and other methods for promotion of cost reduction.

2-5. Respect for the Environment

We ask our business partners to comply with all environmental laws. We also ask them to proactively carry out activities which contribute to minimizing the environmental impact, while paying attention to social needs and requirements related to the environment.

2-6. Information Disclosure

We ask our business partners to disclose information that should be made public, including their management policy, business status, financial status, and the environmental and social impact of their activities.

IHI group has wide range of products. As raw materials, equipment, parts that consist of those products will be purchased, we would like you to contact us anytime. Especially following items are common to several IHI group products.

  • Welding materials
  • High-grade steel
  • Fabricated steel(plate, mold steel, etc.)
  • Gears/Impellers
  • Bearings
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Electric Motors
  • Cranes/Hoists
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Thermocouples
  • Logistics Services