Resources, Energy & Environment

Minimizing Environmental Impact
We maintain stable supplies of energy that are essential to industrial progress and comfortable lifestyles while aiming to minimize global warming. We leverage our expertise and proprietary technologies in coal, natural gas, nuclear power, and in renewables to optimize product and service mixes while minimally affecting the environment.

Social Infrastructure & Offshore Facilities

Underpinning the Essentials of Modern Living
In social infrastructure, security, offshore and urban development, as well as in other fields, we leverage our technological capabilities and experience to ensure that nations and societies are safer and more secure.

Industrial Systems & General-Purpose Machinery

With over 60 years of experience we are the industry leader in the design and fabrication of ultra-supercritical steam generators owning world records for largest capacity and highest steam temperatures. Currently, our R&D efforts are focused on the use of super-alloy materials necessary for the next generation of advanced ultra-supercritical steam generators.

Aero Engine & Space

We offer HRSGs to match every combustion turbine from aero-derivatives to the largest frame machines. Our innovative designs offer a high degree of site delivery modularization realizing lower construction and overall plant costs. We are also active in the development of HRSGs with rapid start capability to meet today's strict emission limits and severe cycling demands.