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Process Plant EPC

IHI E&C is a leading engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions provider with a focus on services that span the upstream, midstream tion company, we provide a spectrum of EPC services to a variety of markets.
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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems' (BESS') are custom designed to optimally fit the customer's application and provide the best financial return for their investment. Through IHI's proprietary software the BESS can be deployed in a number of user defined configurations.
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We offer HRSGs to match every combustion turbine from aero-derivatives to the largest frame machines. Our innovative designs offer a high degree of site delivery modularization realizing lower construction and overall plant costs. We are also active in the development of HRSGs with rapid start capability to meet today's strict emission limits and severe cycling demands.
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LM6000 Gas Turbine Maintenance

IHI, a level 4 GE authorized depot for the LM series gas turbines (GT), is one of the world's leading companies in providing services for the aero-derivative GT. We continue to expand our business with a recently established level 2 shop in Cheyenne, WY, together with Reed Services, Inc. We support customers' operations with lease engine, GT tooling, and experienced technicians.
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Power Plant Ownership, O&M

IHI Power Generation Corp. owns 3 bio-mass power plants and 2 coal power plants in California. IHI Power Services Corp. provides O&M Services in California. The team consists of 120 employees that provide and deliver a diverse set of power industry services from operations to personnel effectiveness and Environmental Support Services.
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Nondestructive Examinations

We provide high quality NDE inspection and engineering services, solutions, and products to the power, petroleum, chemical, and wind industries around the world. We specialize in providing state of the art automated ultrasonic examination, robotic systems and equipment.
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We developed the only industrial cutting and cleaning technology using liquid nitrogen. NitroJet reduces environmental impact by eliminating cross contamination and secondary waste streams. It has been successfully tested in environments such as nuclear decontamination, aerospace equipment coatings removal, industrial process equipment and bio lab cleaning/deposits removal, and more.
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Environment Responsive Systems

The environmental preservation systems offered by IHI significantly contributes to the protection and purification of the environment.
Leveraging our technology and experience, we carry out various waste treatment prioritizing recycling (recycle, thermal cycle, material recycle) as well as engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of various water treatment (industrial drainage and public sewage) facilities.
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Pharmaceutical Plant

IHI provides plant engineering to provide optimal solutions to customers planning to have pharmaceutical plants, bio plants and fine chemical plants, applying its advanced technologies developed abundant construction experiences which include more than 240 pharmaceutical plants.
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Equipment for Plants / Reactors

IHI also provides a wide variety of equipment for various plants, including reactors furnaces and cooling towers for process plant.
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LNG Receiving Terminal, Storage Tank

We are a leading EPC contractor of LNG and other cryogenic storage tanks on a global scale. We hold a substantial market share in Japan and worldwide projects experience for the engineering and construction of LNG receiving terminals and cryogenic storage tanks.
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