Industrial Systems & General-Purpose Machinery

Turbochargers for Automobiles

Turbochargers and Superchargers supplies compressed air to the engine to improve engine performance and efficiency. IHI Turbo America (ITA) develops, designs and manufactures highly engineered boost devices for automotive, marine and truck markets. ITA has been designated as the global center for screw superchargers.
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Press Machine Parts & Maintenance

Maintenance parts & engineering services are being provided to the already installed IHI presses in North America and Mexico. Additionally, we are providing engineering solutions for new stamping press installations and factory automation projects.


Compressors are a crucial utility for plants. IHI has variable type of compressors. For our customers, IHI offers energy-efficient, low maintenance and environmentally friendly compressors.
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IHI provides a wide series of compact and packaged machinery required at plants as utilities, which includes separators and filters used to separate solids from liquids as well as compressors. As for separators, IHI's lineup includes all-purpose Screw Decanter Centrifuge, environmentally-friendly PD Dehydrators that generate little vibration, noise and odor, and Guinard Centrifuge with excellent dehydration capacity to flexibly meet various customer needs.
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Logistics Systems

IHI is a pioneer in the field of logistics systems including automated storage, transportation and sorting systems. IHI delivers wide-ranging facilities and equipment such as automated storage / retrieval systems for refrigeration of up to minus 60 degrees Celsius, hazardous substances and storage and transportation equipment operated in clean rooms to various industries, with a scope covering food, distribution and chemical sectors. At IHI, we optimally exploit our rich experience and know-how to provide.
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Steelmaking Equipment

IHI is active in providing various solutions on the furnace technologies for steel and iron industry. Blast furnace is one of the key technologies in the steel plant. We have constructed blast furnaces with capacity over 5000m3 providing our state-of-art technology. We have also supplied electrical furnace with latest technology.
We are also a supplier of the strip caster equipment, the first commercialized process of direct casting of carbon steel sheet production, with features of low production cost, compact equipment lay out, energy saving and low CO2 emission.
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Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering

IHI installed the first vacuum heat treatment furnace in Japan for the aerospace industry. Later, thanks to synergy with industrial furnace technology, heat treatment has spread to various industries including automobile and construction machinery. Today, IHI supplies various heat treatment equipment and engages in the heat treatment process business. Furthermore, IHI introduced latest plasma and MS coating technologies into thin-film coating and surface treatment equipment in the early stages, which have been utilized in various fields such as engine parts for automobile and aircrafts.
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FA Systems for Automobile Industry

Automated press lines are essential for the high-speed forming of automotive bodies and chassis. IHI contributes to improving automotive manufacturers' productivity through supplying FA (Factory Automation) equipment such as between-press panel high-speed conveyors (V feeders), electric power recovery cushions, loading/unloading equipment and automatic die change systems.
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Slitters are roll-to-roll process machines which slit metal foil, paper, film, and other roll-shaped material and winds it back to the client-required width.
IHI's leading slitting and winding technology enables to maintain the quality of the material itself, and has been supporting Japan's top quality for copper and aluminum foil products, which has consequentially made IHI the leading slitter provider for more than five decades.
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Rubber and Film Calender Lines

Calender lines mix two rolls of resin to produce thin films. IHI supplies wide-ranging calender lines on a global basis, producing various plastic films and rubber sheets for tires, and steadily accumulating experience in the process.
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Pulp & Paper Machinery

IHI is the leading national pulp and paper machinery company, supplying the largest and fastest paper machine and coating machine in Japan. IHI has established its position in Japan as a leading supplier and also have many references at home and overseas.
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Lubricating Systems

IHI's lubricating systems have contributed to the automation of grease lubrication since their installation on rolling mills in 1939. They are used and regarded highly in a wide range of applications, including industrial machinery, transportation machinery, chemical machinery, construction machinery, water mills, general light machinery and automobiles.
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Machinery for Ships

IHI is also Japan's leading manufacturer of deck cranes and other material-handling equipment on vessels.
IHI's superchargers for engines of vessels and land-based power generators, cover the output range from 270 to 30,000kW.
The Z-peller is the most popular propulsion unit in the world's tugboat market. Customers highly evaluate this propulsion unit for its high quality and durability.
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Agricultural Machinery

IHI's technologies are also utilized to maintain lawns and other green spaces. Lawn maintenance machines, grass cutters, and campus greening equipment will support landscaping and lawns of sports facilities including golf courses, soccer fields, baseball fields, athletic fields and horse racing tracks as well as others including school campuses, parks, river banks, and private home gardens. IHI provides various agricultural machines that support agricultural activities in rice paddies, fields, dairy and livestock farming and developed and supplies Japan's first forestry machines.
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Parking Systems

IHI Transport Machinery Co., Ltd. (IUK) belongs to the IHI group and is engaged in parking systems and transportation machinery and equipment. Inheriting excellent technologies used to develop the first tower parking systems and cranes for building skyscrapers in Japan, IUK contributes to society as a leader in transportation machinery and equipment, and parking systems.
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Facilities & Products for Civil Use

IHI's technologies are utilized in medical facilities, food processing factories and hotels. Also, IHI manufactures ozone deodorizers and ozone disinfectors, the demand for which is growing in deodorization, sanitation, dust extractions and cleaning applications.
These are just some examples showing how IHI's technologies are utilized to make daily life more comfortable.
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