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Aero Engines

We have over 50 years' experience in jet engine maintenance. We provide maintenance service for CF34 and V2500 engine and their components. Our plant in Japan, which is fully dedicated to the engine maintenance, is equipped throughout with state-of the-art facilities and manned by highly qualified engineers.
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Component Repair for V2500 Fuel Diverter & Return Valve

IHI-ICR a FAA 145 Repair Station was founded October 1st 2012 as a Joint Venture between IHI and International Component Repair USA ( in Villa Rica, Georgia. IHI-ICR now has a full repair capability for 2500 accessory, Fuel Diverter & Return Valve. This JV will greatly help to support all of the V2500 customers located in the Americas.
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MSCoating® (Micro Spark Coating)

MSCoating has been developed for reinforcement of turbine blades for aircraft engines in order to improve the durability and abrasion resistance of heavily exposed surfaces. MSCoating enables to perform both of ceramics coating as well as metal cladding and is expected as a new technology for replacing welding, spraying, and plating in many fields.
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Air Traffic Control

Air traffic control systems are essential to the safe flight of aircraft.
These systems take care of the consolidation and total control of wireless and fixed-line communication for air traffic control and allow airport control duties to be performed from the control tower.
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Rocket Systems and Space Exploration

IHI has participated in the Japanese space development effort from the beginning, developing and producing turbopumps, a key components of rocket engines, gas-jet systems, both of which are embodiments of IHI's long-fostered technologies such as cryogenic-pump and turbomachinery. These activities were greatly expanded in space when the company acquired Nissan Motor Co., Ltd's Aerospace Division, a pioneer in solid rocket development in Japan.
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