Message from President

IHI INC. was founded back in April 1977 as a 100% subsidiary of IHI, registered in Delaware as a US company. The main purpose of its establishment was to facilitate sales activities for IHI products exported to the USA.
After 40 years since its foundation, our business environment has changed dramatically. From simple sales of equipment, machinery and ships, our business has now evolved into performing multi-billion-dollar EPC work for energy and infrastructure industries, owning and operating clean bio-mass power plants and developing new technologies in the field of nuclear D&D (Decontamination and Decommissioning) and environmentally friendly bio-fuels for the future.
In July, 2008, IHI INC. had become the “regional headquarters of IHI’s Americas operations”, responsible for the overall governance of IHI Group companies located in this region, making sure that various newly found businesses in this area are operating soundly and as before, continuously supporting sales activities of IHI products exported to the Americas.
In the process of our recent evolution, we have now become more localized, employing over 600 competent personnel throughout the USA, namely in the states of California, Texas, Alabama, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Connecticut and New York. We have also established procurement arms in a number of our offices, and as an example, our New York Office alone had purchased about $30Million in the year 2018. It is my strong intention to further localize our IHI Group companies to achieve a win-win situation where we could contribute to the American economy and at the same time, achieve steady growth of our operations.

Our parent company, IHI’s management philosophy is “contributing to the development of society through technology”. The intention is; “we shall continue to pursue realization of world-leading technologies that would ameliorate the environment of our community and improve the quality of our daily life.” IHI INC. is part of the IHI Group and it is my strong intention to continuously endeavor to achieve this goal at the earliest time possible.

President & CEO
Yoshio Yonezawa


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