Research & Development

The IHI Group has formulated a clear strategy to develop technologies by drawing on its collective strengths while sharing the medium- to long-term R&D direction throughout the Group.

This strategy focuses R&D based to the three megatrends of “Diversifying Social Infrastructure”, “Accelerating toward advanced information and communication era”, “Increasingly Complex Global Economy”, and also encompasses technological areas that are group-wide priorities.

Social development will be led by the efforts to increase the production efficiency, to reduce the environmental load, and to create new business model using advanced ICT. IHI Group continues to cultivate new contributions to society.

R&D underpins a technology-driven IHI Group.

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Diversifying Social Infrastructure

  • Energy-saving, environmental load-reduction, efficient and economic utilization of diversified energies.
  • Solve issues involving the safety and security of social infrastructures as well as their life cycles.

Accelerating toward advanced information and communication era

  • Leveraging ICT to deliver high-value-added products and services, transform the business model, and undertake more sophisticated manufacturing.

Increasingly Complex Global Economy

  • Promotion of open innovation.
  • Engage in strategic intellectual property initiatives

IHI Group Technology Focus Areas

Applied Technologies to Enhance Products and Services

ICT and Robotics / Energy Management Technology / Numerical Analysis and Optimization Technology / Advanced Manufacturing and Productive Process InnovationTechnology / Rotating Machinery Technology / Chemical Process Technology

Fundamental Technologies

Structural StrengthTechnology / MaterialTechnology / CombustionTechnology / Heat and FluidTechnology /Vibration and Machine ElementTechnology / Welding and BondingTechnology / Control and ElectronicTechnology

Technology Focuses for the Future

  • Developing core technologies and product lines for the hydrogen and ammonia value chains to cater for the needs of a low-carbon society
  • Using robotics, the Internet ofThings, and artificial intelligence to integrate predictive and learning technologies to materialize smart factories, systems, and societies that optimally accommodate demand and supply, climate change, and production efficiencies.

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